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Women's Wellness Partners has a mission of helping women and their families live healthy and balanced lives. We hope you'll join the conversation and become part of our community. To learn more about Women's Wellness Partners, click here.

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CWH Fit Lifeposted 10-07-2015We're proud to provide behavior change programming for the Comprehensive Women's Health Fit Life program. We team with a registered dietitian, a personal trainer and CWH's wellness coordinator to provide year-round support for your wellness journey. Send us an email for more information about Fit Life, now offered in both Silver Spring and Glenn Dale.
Jumpstart mini-guideposted 12-20-2013Join the Live Better List and get our Jumpstart mini-guide FREE! This infographic offers some key information from our 30-day wellness Jumpstart, plus you'll get our free occasional newsletter. Click here to learn more.
Join the conversation!posted 10-07-15Please join us in creating a community of like-minded, empowered women seeking greater wellness and happiness. Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

Our philosophy

We take a holistic view of wellness that emphasizes positivity, self care, and smart and satisfying nutrition.



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Join us for one of our programs and explore ways to build greater wellness and incorporate healthy habits into your life.


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Our team

Each of us brings a unique perspective and experiences to our own partnership, and to our partnership with you.


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